I have tons of code on my computer that I'd like to share, unfortunateiy, most of it is not documented yet.  I have documented some with doxygen, and have released it here.

I am now working on the DSP templates library, an ANSI-C++ template-based collection of filters and algorithms, from which most of the code you'll find here comes from.

Some of the code is optimized for SSE and SSE2, so the target platform is the PC, although the optimized code is always localized and can easily be modified for other platforms as needed.  If you'd like to contribute, send me an e-mail.

Coming soon, that's what I will be documenting and releasing next:

  • Echo cancellation
  • Optimized dot product computations.  As a prelude to an optimized wavelets class and FIR filters.
  • Sparse matrix.
  • IIR and FIR Filters.