You can download my resume in Word format in French, or in English.

Professional biography

I had my first experience with programming in 1980, as part of my extra-curricular activity in high school.  Our group had access to a Tandy TSR-80 and a SMT-Goupil 1 (the slowest machine I've ever seen).  We did program small games and experienced first-hand the joy of programming and debugging in BASIC, assembly and octal.

After a short stint in the French Navy, during which I received a technician diploma in electronics, I joined in 1984 the now defunct Mikros Technologies, where I soon became lead R&D developer for custom printing applications.  All applications were written in PASCAL under VAX-VMS.

In 1987, I left France and moved to San Francisco, California, where I planned to stay for a few months, I stayed 8 years !  I pefected my english while holding various small jobs, until I joined Integrated Controls (aka ICON) where I stayed for about 5 years.  That was a great job, where I did and learned a lot.  On the electronics side, I was in charge of hardware debugging, some digital sub-design, QA of finished product, construction, prototyping... you name it.  I also did programming of Microchip PIC devices, DOS-based real-time  applications in C, Assembler and BASIC, as well as Windows-based apps in Visual Basic and Borland C/C++.  It is during that time I met Michael Starks of 3DTV Corp and did a bit of consulting for him.

Around 1989 I got my own PC and got my first experience in 3D-programming, my first personnal project was a DOS-based 3D rubik cube, where I programmed all libraries, including an SVGA library and a complete 3D polygon rendering engine with texture mapping written in assembler (about 15,000 lines of code).

I moved to Montreal in 1994. where I soon landed a job with Autolog, where I was put in charge of designing the base system for their new generation of real-time controlers.  The new C++ system was based on Phar Lap ETS, a Win32-compatible kernel, and was serviceable from the internet I also developed and installed on site the first applications with the new system, most notably chariots.

After the project entered its production phase, I left Autolog and joined the Diva team at Eicon Technology (now Eicon networks) as a technical leader, it was my first experience in managing a team, and I can say it went rather well.  Our job was to develop and maintain the Diva-ISDN Windows device drivers.  While there, I attended several Windows-related seminars in Seattle at Microsoft, and in Dallas at Dell.  Also this job took me quite often to Stuttgart, which allowed me to learn some german as well. 

Unfortunately, the team at Eicon was decimated when the telecom bubble burst in 2001, and I was laid-off along with their entire Montreal development team.

Right after that, the job market in Montreal was quite bleak for programmers, so to keep busy, I started repairing musical equipment and soon could make a living off that in Montreal, where I know a lot of musicians.  A friend of mine  introduced me to Michel who needed expertise for the Pixy project, for which I  did hardware and software design.  But, the project seems stalled for lack of funds.

I moved back to France, in La Rochelle in 2004, for personnal reasons, and since there is no IT-related job market here, I created another electronics repair shop, but the maket here is just too small.  So I had to close in June 2006.  I am now looking for new opportunities, I also am doing personnal research in DSP-related technology.

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