OK, so I didn't get many diplomas in my life, but that doesn't mean I haven't learned anything.

So, here's my diploma :

  • Marine Nationale Française 1982-1984
    CAP en électronique.
    Followed by a year of intensive training in electronics (radar, IFF, high frequency circuitry...) equivalent to a BEP in electronics.

I did go to night classes for a semester at Concordia University to get an engineering degree in 1995-96. But my job at Autolog, where I was already a senior software developer took me on the road at the time of the exams.

I also followed about 40 hours of german classes while working at Eicon.

Still thanks to Eicon, I have also attended several DDK-related classes and seminars at Microsoft in Seattle.

And, if you look at the projects I've worked on, and the code published on my website, you'll see that I've studied quite extensively the following topics:

  • 3D rendering, I've actually developped 2 complete polygon renderers with texture mapping; one for DOS, and one for Win32, I also wrote code  using OpenGL.
  • DSP, I am developing a C++ DSP template library at the moment, parts of which are published.
  • UML, I have used Rational Rose and Visio, but I prefer Borland Together.
  • Polynomials, check my polynomials template library.

Of course, I read regularly the latest news on code and hardware design.