• Michaël Roy electronics, 2002- june 2006, Montreal, Québec, La Rochelle, France.
    The boss.
    • Musical equipment electronics repair.
    • Hardware and software design.
    • etc... 

    Software : Altium, Autocad.
    Hardware : lab equipment, IBM PC/Windows XP/DOS

  • Eicon technology. 1998-2001 Montreal, Québec.
    Technical leader
    • Maintenance of Windows Diva-ISDN drivers.
    • Product -related tool design and coding. 
    • Supervision, task assignment and long-term scheduling for a team of 6 developers.
    • Resource person for the larger team: a dozen programmers, and 6 testers. 
    • Member of the hiring interviews team.
    • Extensive travel and communication with overseas teams working on the same product line.

    Software : Visual C++, DDK, MFC, OLE, DAO.
    Hardware : ISDN lab equipment, IBM PC/Windows NT/9x/XP, Modems/Linux.

  • Autolog Inc. 1995-1998 Montreal, Québec.
    Senior Software Engineer
    • Design of sawmill automation software.
    • Analysis and development of entirely new development platform.
    • Evaluation  of technologies new to the company.
    • Design of real-time kernel and libraries.
    • Task and product life analysis.
    • On-site installation and customer support.
    • Developer training.

    Software : Visual C++, MFC, OLE, DAO.
    Hardware : IBM PC/Windows NT 4.0.

  • Desnault, Beauregard et associés. 1995 Montreal, Québec.  
    • Auto-repair shop database implementation from existing design.
    • Develoment of code-generating software from database design.

    Software : Visual C++, MFC, CodeBase++.
    Hardware : IBM PC/Windows NT 3.51.

  • 3DTV Corp. 1993-1995 San Rafael, California (by e-commute).
    • Design of stereoscopic tool kits and device drivers.
    • Evaluation of new hardware and software.
    • Developer evaluation. 

    Software: Borland C++, OWL 2.0, Assembler 80x86.
    Hardware : IBM PC/Windows 3.1 & DOS.

  • International Foundation for Electoral Systems. 1995 Washington, DC
    • Design and implementation of an electoral database system.

    Software: Access 2.0.
    Hardware : IBM PC/Windows 3.1.

  • Integrated Controls Inc. 1989-1995 San Francisco, California
    R&D Programmer/Analyst
    • Software design for custom electronic devices. 
    • Digital hardware design.
    • Hardware prototyping and debugging.
    • Authoring assembly and test procedures, maintenance and user guides.
    • On-site installation, operator training and technical support.
    • QA for UL and FAA-approved hardware.

    Software : Borland C/C++, VB, QBasic 7, x86 Assembler, PIC Assembler, AutoCAD, Protel.
    Hardware: PC, lab equipment.

  • Mikros Technologies 1985-1987 Boulogne-Billancourt, France
    • Design and implement printing-related applications.
    • Gentrification of mail.
    • Production of financial reports from customer databases.
    • Design and maintenance of business graphics routine libaries.
    • Optimizing of production applications

    Software : Pascal
    Hardware : VAX 750 (VMS)

  • Marine Nationale Française 1984-1985 Brest and Toulon, France
    • Animation of naval combat simulations for evaluation of personnel readiness.
    • Hardware operation and maintenance.

    Hardware : Analogic (bulbs!) simulator, radar, lab equipment.