Here are a few of the projects I've worked on.


  • Eicon Safepipe 2001
    A VPN router operating under Linux.  In charge of the RIP protocol module.
  • Eicon DIVA ISDN 1998-2001  
    ISDN modems, I was the team leader in charge of the Win NT/9x/XP drivers.
  • Autolog embedded systems 1995-1998
    Several industrial controllers and a development platform for the lumber industry.
  • SwinApp 1995-1998
    That's the user interface to the factory controllers above. 
  • Serial Port Server 1996
    A real-time TCP-IP COM port server and its client for Windows.
  • Various electronic products 1992-1995
    Software development on various projects involving custom-made electronic products.
  • Map/Sys 1993
    Computerized wall map for the water dept. of Oakland (California). 
    Pictures are available here and here.
  • Flex/Sys 1992
    Multimedia system for trade shows and conferences for IBM. 
    Pictures are available here, here and a nice article in 'Exhibit Builder' here.  


  • Autolog May-July 1995
    Database system for gas stations and auto parts dealers. Not to be confused with my employer Autolog.
  • Haitian electoral system  March 1995
    Relational data base system for national and regional electoral candidates.    
  • Business graphics in large volume 1986
    Laser-printed monthly financial reports.
  • Personalized mailings /billing 1985-1987
    Personalizing of promotional mail for laser printing.



  • Pixy 2003
    Low resolution video screen for art installations.
  • ClockAmp 2003
    This utility turns winamp into a practical and easy to use alarm clock. User reviews can be found on the winamp website.
  • Icon Find-It 1994
    Program Manager Add-on for Windows 95.
  • Wallpaper Pro 1993
    Windows 95 desktop wallpaper application. 
  • Rubik's Cube 1994
    PC-based game and screen saver. A polygon-fill graphics Rubik's cube, with auto-solve.  I recently rewrote it as a screen saver that uses OpenGL.